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project "catching (e)motion V"


larger than ever

  first session: photos 
  second session: photos 

In this new episode in the project "catching (e)motion" we created a strange and alien world for a dancer to move in. Actually, creation proved to be quite simple. From the roof we hung wide strips of very thin, semi-transparant coverall foil from the DIY-centre to build a kind of cell-like structure. The foil floated with every move of the dancer and it clung to her hands, her body, her face. Add a number of continually changing RGB-LED lights and your surroundings are strange indeed. The dancer Marian Iris moved to modern avant-garde music in direct interaction with the foil. In the end, she wrapped the foil around her body and head and tore at it with her hands.

In the first session, we had four photographers at work: Agnieszka Abramowicz, Hans and Maya Jansen and Niek Tijsse Klasen. In that instance, the lights were positioned at eye-height, more or less facing the photographers.

In the second session, the lights were at the feet of the photographers. That created new possibilities. The dancer was wearing a white overall, fully covering her body and head. In this instance, there were again four photographers: Hans and Maya Jansen, Gertjan Laurenssen and Niek Tijsse Klasen.

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