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project "nostalcholia"


music, poetry, photography, video


It seems to be a general human sentiment, this longing for things past. It should not really surprise us. Changes that cannot be altered, consequences of decisions, chances missed, opportunities not taken, tasks forsaken. In hindsight, things usually were better or easier then than they are now. However .... the past is gone forever and you can only remember it. You can relive it (in your mind, not in your body) but you can NOT change it.

Melancholia and nostalgia take many shapes. In this project, various artists use different (combinations of) disciplines to investigate this phenomenon. Music, poetry, photography and video are well-established media to explore and express melancholia and nostalgia. Performance usually goes very deep, like a confrontation. And installations, well, they usually are quite "down-to-earth" but as pertinent as the other media.

In this project we expect to cover these different approaches. Every artist can take part in this project.


time passes by
like a rose dying on the vine
with a soft sigh

"Time passes", composed and played by Kevin McLeod

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