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project "the joys of SoundMusic"

sound poetry IV

a real free for all

  (mini-) concerts, performances, presentations 
  fire / light sound 
  motion sound 
  photo music 
  visual sound 'n words 
  sound poetry I 
  sound poetry II 
  sound poetry III 
  music poetry 
  live poetry 
  spatial sound 
  duetti virtuali 
  soundscapes / musicscapes 
  generated music 
  sequenced music 

Sound poetry (also known as tone poetry) centres round written and spoken words, just like any form of poetry. The words however have no direct meaning. You do not look for any literal meaning, you have to listen to its sound / rhythm / music and find some feeling, emotion or understanding in that. This is what sound poetry is all about.

A very welcoming smell!

Recently, poet Nicole Loeve wrote and performed a special "dedicated" sound poem in deKunstClub.nl. Of course, we recorded her performance. And we present the recording here.

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