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project "the joys of SoundMusic"

motion sound

a real free for all

  (mini-) concerts, performances, presentations 
  fire / light sound 
  photo music 
  visual sound 'n words 
  sound poetry I 
  sound poetry II 
  sound poetry III 
  sound poetry IV 
  music poetry 
  live poetry 
  spatial sound 
  duetti virtuali 
  soundscapes / musicscapes 
  generated music 
  sequenced music 

A very attractive combination of mechanical movement with ballet music. The movements shown form a "mechanical alphabet", elementary units to generate specific types of motion. Mechanical alphabets go back to the 17th century (Christopher Polhem). The combination with sound, in this instance, was explored by Ralph Steiner and Eric Beheim. We should bear in mind that the sound in this case is not generated by the mechanical motions, it just accompanies them.

A casual (sound)installation - a djembe and a small wound-up toy animal. We knew the little beastie to be suicidal, but who would have expected it to dive over the edge so elegantly? Accidentally discovered by Alex den Ouden.

A sound-installation in which sounds are generated by tapping / hitting free-hanging steel hex wrenches, a steel chisel, a wrought iron whorl, a simple single bell and a four-part cow-bell with a steel rod. The various parts can swing and rotate and they will hit each other at more or less unpredictable moments, so generating additional (random) sound. Played by Alex den Ouden.

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