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project "the joys of SoundMusic"

fire / light sound

a real free for all

  (mini-) concerts, performances, presentations 
  motion sound 
  photo music 
  visual sound 'n words 
  sound poetry I 
  sound poetry II 
  sound poetry III 
  sound poetry IV 
  music poetry 
  live poetry 
  spatial sound 
  duetti virtuali 
  soundscapes / musicscapes 
  generated music 
  sequenced music 

Experimental fire/sound-installation, for research purposes: "Ruben's-tube".

A light/sound-installation, a partly dismantled upright piano is played as a "prepared piano", with a steel rod directly on the piano strings. Frame, strings and wooden soundboard are lighted by beams of (RGB-LED) coloured light. The lightbeams quicky change in colour with the sound of the vibrating strings. Played by Alex den Ouden.

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