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deKunstClub.nl   -  Zeelsterstraat 147  -  5652EE Eindhoven.NL

 email   -  tel. +31-(0)40-252 00 46

free entrance  -  open seven days a week from 10:00 to 20:00  -  for artists and visitors


project "the joys of SoundMusic"

(mini-) concerts, performances, presentations

a real free for all

  fire / light sound 
  motion sound 
  photo music 
  visual sound 'n words 
  sound poetry I 
  sound poetry II 
  sound poetry III 
  sound poetry IV 
  music poetry 
  live poetry 
  spatial sound 
  duetti virtuali 
  soundscapes / musicscapes 
  generated music 
  sequenced music 

During this project we ran a regular series of (mini-) concert meetings, in which we:

  • presented and demonstrated results of our research, experiments and investigations
  • played all kinds of music in live performances (acoustic, electric, electronic instruments, voice)
  • played all kinds of music from all kinds of recording equipment (tape, single, EP, LP, CD, DVD, MP3, PC)
  • performed soundscapes, musicscapes and all kinds of music enhanced and enriched with theatrical events like dance, spoken poetry, mime, playacting and whatnot

The (mini-) concerts were held every week, on saturday night, on sunday night or on both nights.

The concerts were thematical. Listeners were invited to bring any music fitting the actual theme for inclusion in the programme. Anyone could suggest and/or prepare (!) new themes.




  • sunday april 8 (**) - free improvisation (jamsession) on all available instruments
  • saturday april 7 (**) - free improvisation (jamsession) on all available instruments
  • sunday april 1 - paper roll player piano from the Interbellum from rolls transcribed to midi
  • saturday march 31 - jazz from the 1920s on ripped 33 and 78 rpm vinyl
  • sunday march 25 - improvisation
  • saturday march 24 - rock 'n roll music from the 1950s (reissued on CD)
  • sunday march 18 - avant-garde music 1997-2000 on Errato label CDs
  • saturday march 17 - Django Reinhardt guitar special 1935-1952 on (ripped) 33 rpm LPs
  • sunday march 11 - light music 1920-1950 on (ripped) 78 rpm singles
  • saturday march 10 - classical instrumental music on original 33 rpm LPs
  • sunday march 4 - opera on original 33 rpm LPs
  • saturday march 3 - digicital (*) - a Chopin special
  • sunday february 26 - African rhythms on original 33 rpm LPs and on tape
  • sunday february 19 - jazz on original 33 rpm LPs

(**) - Free improvisation (jamsession)

In this event, all instruments available at the club are ready to be played. There is no need for excellence in playing, everybody may feel free to improvise.

The instruments at hand are: electric cello, electric violin, electric guitar, an E-bow, two acoustic guitars with piezo-elements, electric steel slide guitar, battery-operated toy guitar, theremin, digital piano, professional keyboard, Casio 1970s keyboard, battery-operated toy keyboard, electronic windinstrument, various (mouth) harmonicas, all kind of kazoos, flutes and whistles. Little or no percussion right now.

The electric and electronic instruments can be played via various pedals and a loopstation.

(*) - A digicital .... what's that?

One of the musical instruments at deKunstClub.nl is a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano. This can of course be played live - but it can also play (enhanced) midi. And that opens some interesting further possibilities.

Since 2002, the Minnesota International Piano-e-Competition has been run five times. In this competition, every candidate performs a number of works (partly specified, partly free choice) on a Yamaha Diskklavier. This is a top-of-the-range digital piano. The whole competition is very well organized and their website definitely is worth visiting! A very nice point in this competion is, that all performances of all contestants are recorded in Yamaha enhanced midi-files. And these are published on the website, too. Such files record the actual play of the candidate in the finest details of toucher, tempi, dynamics and pedals.

Those midi-files can be played on our digital piano. You then hear the performance, as it was during the competition, just as if you were in the audience at that occasion. In a digicital (digital piano recital) we play a selection of such contributions to the e-piano-competition. You hear the pianist and his ideosyncrasies - but the piano is unmanned ....



an impression of the rock 'n roll special with extreme lighting on march 24 ....

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