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project "the joys of SoundMusic"


a real free for all

  (mini-) concerts, performances, presentations 
  fire / light sound 
  motion sound 
  photo music 
  visual sound 'n words 
  sound poetry I 
  sound poetry II 
  sound poetry III 
  sound poetry IV 
  music poetry 
  live poetry 
  spatial sound 
  duetti virtuali 
  soundscapes / musicscapes 
  generated music 
  sequenced music 

Luigi Russolo, futurist musician, in his laboratory in 1913. He designed new acoustic instruments (intonarumori) which were in fact noise generators with variable (controllable) pitch and dynamics.


We feel sure that you are going to enjoy this new project! In the rear half of the gallery we will erect a centre of SM which will be equiped with all the apparatus and instruments we've been collecting and acquiring recently. We will add, we hope, considerably to this collection. Around this central installation a lot of research, experiments and investigations will be going on.

Yes, the joy of SM - SoundMusic, in which you may read Sound both as a noun and as an adjective. We will be playing around with sound and music looking for new methods of enjoying them. One of the themes is going to be spatial sound, quite a step forward from quadraphonic and surround sound. Another theme will be advanced and historical modern music. A third theme is tone poetry. A fourth theme covers unusual, improvised, unexpected and toy musical instruments. Yet other themes are waiting to be discovered.

During this project we run a regular series of (mini-) concert meetings, in which we:

  • present and demonstrate results of our research, experiments and investigations
  • play all kinds of music in live performances (acoustic, electric, electronic instruments, voice)
  • play all kinds of music from all kinds of recording equipment (tape, single, EP, LP, CD, DVD, MP3, PC)
  • perform soundscapes, musicscapes and all kinds of music enhanced and enriched with theatrical events like dance, spoken poetry, mime, playacting and whatnot
  • show SoundMusic-installations growing out of all the experiments
  • show art and photograhy inspired by the sound and music to be heard in the gallery

This project will occupy (most of) the rear half of the gallery. It is becoming a kind of laboratory .... The microtheatre will be free for the planned performances - and any other events that will run, quite independent of "the joys of SoundMusic". The front half of the gallery will be available for work as usual. And of course, all walls are free for art and photography ....

(photo Niek Tijsse Klasen)

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