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project "catching (e)motion IV"

RGB-LED-lighted clubs

a single juggler, three photographers and sensation

  real fire torches 

Series IV offers new chances .... there is (photographically speaking) no end to the possibilities of light and motion. In this session we look at a juggler, Guido van Hout, who is manipulating his high-tech lightclubs. These are fascinating. They can be programmed to show full RGB-LED colour. They can also strobe at a frequency up to 20 Hz. We are using both methods. The photographers work with time exposures and flash. The results are difficult to predict, as is now accepted practice in this project. A great number of photos are shot and afterwards rejected. We keep the special results .... perhaps 10%. Photographers in this session are Hans and Maya Jansen and Niek Tijsse Klasen.

In this instance, the optimal format for the photos proved to be square.

The combination of quick movement, time exposure and the relatively strong coloured light of Guido's lightclubs makes for very colourful photos. It should be borne in mind that the images you see in the photos can never be experienced in a normal performance. The public sees another image, viz the juggling of the clubs. In the case of strobing clubs, you get images with interrupted light traces. That again is not the way the public sees the show. So photography here is essential to, so to say, "widen the view".


(photos by Maya Jansen, selected by Alex)

(photos by Hans Jansen, selected by Alex)

(photos by Niek Tijsse Klasen, selected by Alex)

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