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project "catching (e)motion III"


Beamix, a stand-up poet, a juggler and four photographers (plus the tech stuff)

  zero session - tecnical preparation 
  first session 

In this next instalment of "Catching (e)motion" we are visiting an industrial location. It is not the first time we are operating at the Beamix concrete plant (which lies just a four-minute walk from deKunstClub.nl). But it was the first time we did so in the dark.

As a start, we made a preliminary night-time visit, intended to discover the possibilities of a really adventurous site. Well, it proved a challenge - dark, orange-yellow sodium lights, a wet drizzle and many puddles to get wet feet. Both strong flash and time exposure were tried with (again) quite special results. As we didn't need real performers for this try-out, Alex volunteered as a model. Real hands-on engagement. He brought his peculiar small orange plastic suitcase. The photographers involved this time were Hans and Maya Jansen and Gertjan Laurenssen

Then, two weeks later, the real stuff began. One new man (Niek Tijsse Klasen) joined the group of photographers; Guido van Hout (juggler) and SPIT (stand-up poet) were performing. Winter had started in earnest with a working temperature of minus four degrees and snow .... not really perfectly comfortable conditions. Nevertheless we obtained many interesting results.

Each of the photographers has his/her own approach - and each of them had to find out how to tackle the job. As usual, we went beyond the boundaries of conventional photography. As is to be expected in deKunstClub.nl. But see for yourself on the following pages.


(photo by Maya Jansen)

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