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project "make art, not choices"


forget voting - we found a much better purpose for those voting booths

  events during this project 
  blacklight shopfront 

Here we present a survey of the cabinets, in alphabetical order by name of the artist (photos by Hans and Maya Jansen, Niek Tijsse Klasen and Alex den Ouden)

Gerrerde Abelmann - news from India


Huub Bogaers - a tuning-fork as a voting instrument ....

Heleen Brinkman - wind-moved labyrinth


ibid - ancient magic

Tanya Cnossen - Kunst of Kunst-off ??


Mark Dijkstra - Welchen Sinne gewinnt?

Renate Engelen - normal light image at daytime


ibid - same image in blacklight at night time

Hans Jansen - surprising photography


ibid - detail

Maya Jansen - three-layered colour print on organza


ibid - various twin-layered stitchings on filled organza

Marie Lexmond - ponte dei suspiri (bridge of sighs)

Hella Martens - triptych



Lotte Martens - let's clear the mess


ibid - detail

Alex den Ouden - political statements




SPIT - stand-up poet


ibid - a poem when you opened the curtain

Niek Tijsse Klasen

Marian Vaags - serious doubts about the value of theatre and art


ibid - detail

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