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project "make art, not choices"

events during this project

forget voting - we found a much better purpose for those voting booths

  blacklight shopfront 

opening on sunday january 15

The official opening of this event was (as usual) a quite lively happening. The combination of a cellular "upper world" and a continuous "underworld" offered many opportunities to combine visual art with performance art. In other words, to crossbreed the eternal with the instantaneous & temporal.

At the opening all artist's cabinets were open for display, some however were still under furthor development. Some cabinets are static, others are animated.

During the afternoon and evening of sunday january 15, two events were planned. One is a semi-improvised absurdist theatrical performance. It is documented in the "performance"-section of this website here. The other event is a "son-et-lumière" centred on one of the groups of cabinets. A show of light in motion, laser light, video projection, sound, music, texts and poems, smoke and smells, in an "all-senses"-experience. It is documented in the "performance"-section of this website here.

three "performance days" on sunday 22, saturday 28 and sunday january 29

During the afternoons and evenings of these days performances were presented centred on this installation. The events are documented in the "performance"-section of this website here, here and here.


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