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project "make art, not choices"


forget voting - we found a much better purpose for those voting booths

  events during this project 
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For this project, we erected 22 cabinets in the main gallery space of the club. These cabinets are roughly 85 cm wide and 90 cm deep. Their overall height is 210 cm. Each cabinet has three vertical walls. There is no front wall, although, if so desired, the cabinet can be closed with a curtain. The vertical walls are only partly closed, they start at about 50-70 cm above ground level and run up to the full height of 210 cm. With this construction, the cabinets, in fact, strongly resemble voting booths. At low level you can look straight from one end of the gallery to the other. You only see the thin wooden legs that the cabinets are resting on - and of course, the legs of people standing in the booths (if any).

In the front half of the gallery, we built two rows of five cabinets, back to back. In the rear part of the gallery, another two rows of six cabinets, also back to back. So all in all we have 22 of these "spaces".

During this project, all 22 cabinets are in use, by sixteen artists. Those participating are
(in alphabetical order)

  1.  Gerrerde Abelmann (1)
  2.  Huub Bogaers (1)
  3.  Heleen Brinkman (2)
  4.  Tanya Cnossen (1)
  5.  Mark Dijkstra (1)
  6.  Renate Engelen (2 + shopfront)
  7.  Hans Jansen (1)
  8.  Maya Jansen (2)
  9.  Nicole Loeve (1)
  10.  Marie Lexmond (1)
  11.  Hella Martens (2)
  12.  Lotte Martens (1)
  13.  Alex den Ouden (4)
  14.  SPIT (1)
  15.  Niek Tijsse Klasen (1)
  16.  Marian Vaags (2)

If you count the number of booths carefully, you will see that in fact we show 24 cabinets. The number of applicants was quite large and we decided to provide two extra "emergency"-cabinets to cater for all ....

Each artist participating in this project has one or more cabinets, to fill as he/she sees fit. There is no general theme specified. We are looking for and expecting the most innovative, surprising, wild and impossible art - that is our mission, isn't it? We don't expect three simple flat paintings, one neatly centered on each wall. We think rather more in terms of spatial installations, preferably in combination with performances.

This project runs from sunday january 1 till sunday february 5, 2012 The "official opening" event was held on sunday january 15. The work needed NOT be finished then. It is fully acceptable that work continues, even up to the final closure of this event on sunday february 5. In this way, we expect a much more lively event. During the whole period we staged multiple "performance days", to which we invited guests and visitors.

For the opening on january 15 two special events were planned. These are described in the "performance"-section of this website here and here. On sunday 22, saturday 28 and sunday january 29 three "performance days" were held. These are described in the "performance"-section of this website here, here and here.


some thoughts behind the concept ....

The spaces inside the cabinets each represent the world of the artist that created them. They will totally differ from each other. Still, they are united in one respect - they show the artist's fantasy and inspiration. This we call the "upper world".

The space below the cabinets, on the other hand, is one vast empty continuum, with only vague motion and undetermined presence. This we call the "underworld".

We wanted to fill the underworld with its own activity: motion, dance, light, words, sound, music, performance, theatre and show. We felt strongly that this low space is a perfect stage for just that kind of thing. We invited all artists to take part in the stream of events taking place there, between january 1 and february 5.

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