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project "catching (e)motion II"


a stand-up poet, four photographers and some more tech stuff

  first session 
  second session 
  third session 

In this first sequel to "Catching (e)motion I" we further investigate the possibilities of extreme light. Strong colour, stroboscopic effects, multiple multi-sided flash and backlight were used with quite extraordinary results. The model portrayed in these experiments is stand-up poet SPIT, who not only performs his poems, but also accompanies himself on electric guitar. And quite a performance it is!

The photographers involved this time are Hans Jansen (all sessions), Maya Jansen (first and second session), Gertjan Laurenssen (first and second session) and Katya Naumova (second session). Each of them has his/her own approach - and all of them had to find out for him/herself how to tackle the job. We certainly went far beyond the boundaries of conventional photography. As is to be expected in deKunstClub.nl.

All photographs of the first session were taken in our black-walled Microtheatre. For the second and third session, we removed ourselves to the next room, where the 1930 tension-testbench formed a very inspiring backdrop.

Photo by Maya Jansen

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