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deKunstClub.nl   -  Zeelsterstraat 147  -  5652EE Eindhoven.NL

 email   -  tel. +31-(0)40-252 00 46

free entrance  -  open seven days a week from 10:00 to 20:00  -  for artists and visitors


project "ART = SUPER" - sales exhibition / art supermarket


starting saturday november 19 at 10:00, ending saterday december 24 at 17:00
open seven days each week from 10:00 till 20:00

  programme of events during the supermarket 
  artists participating in the supermarket 
  sneak preview of some of the art on sale 

In this festive season, deKunstClub.nl (temporarily) becomes an art-supermarket. Are you on the look-out for suitable presents? Why not chose a unique gift - Art! During this period, our artists offer a wide range of Hard Art at a wide range of Soft Prices (from 2 to 200).

You will find many different kinds of art, such as: ceramic objects in various techniques and finishes; 3D-objects in different materials; jewellery, from classical to post-modernist and avant-garde; mono- and photoprints; paintings in waterpaint, acrylic and oil; new music on CD; poetry in print and spoken, on CD; one-off art-postcards. Plus more!!

We have arranged a wide variety of events in deKunstClub.nl during "ART = SUPER". Visitors are invited to take part in them. Artists will be working on-site; there will be all kind of demos and mini-workshops; and there will be performances to enjoy. The programme of these events is published on a special page on this site.

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