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project "catching (e)motion I"


two dancers, two photographers and some tech stuff

  special effects I 
  special effects II 
  from photo to film 
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Project description

In this project, two dancers and two photographers investigate how to catch the essence of motion. On a (roughly) weekly basis they experiment with a variety of clothes; with coloured light and with moving light. They use various locations in the club's premises. Every session is capped with a survey of all the hundreds of photo's taken at that session. A preselection of the most promising ones is made and during the following week the photographers photoshop these as they see fit. At the beginning of the next session, the results are shown and discussed.

During the first sessions, it was discovered that all kind of unexpected things happened. Motion is never very predictable and particularly with moving light, some of the photo's were really breathtaking. Golden shots. Naturally, all kind of camerasettings were used and it proved that some settings were really excellently suited to catch motion (as originally intended) while other settings were particularly suited to express emotion (we call this "the theatrical effect"). In the field of lighting, we experimented with the full range from extreme colour to greyscale. The sessions in our historical toolshop, between large and ancient machinetools, offered many unexpected and unpremeditated marvels. On the various pages here, we show a first small selection of the results obtained upto now. The project of course continues!

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