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project "as yet untitled" - Johanna Wyss and Guido van Hout


performance in interaction with deKunstClub.nl premises

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From wednesday may 11 till sunday may 29 the performers Johanna Wyss (Zürich.CH) and Guido van Hout (Eindhoven.NL) will be working on a completely new (site-specific) performance in deKunstClub.nl. That performance will have its premiere on Saturday may 28. It is going to be a most exciting and spectacular event, one you really shouldn't miss!

Johanna and Guido first spent some days discovering the machines, machinery and apparatus collected over the years at deKunstClub.nl. They looked particularly, of course, for their unexpected and previously unenvisaged possibilities for extraordinary and unusual use. In this way Johanna and Guido collected a vast amount of, what they called, "fragile fragments". In their performance, the whole premises will be used, both indoors and outdoors, including the three large workshops in the rear of the grounds and the sculpture garden. The performance will jump from location to location and the spectators will continually be on the move ....

On saturday may 14 they presented a first run of all the strange and peculiar stuff they had discovered and invented. Completely experimental and in no way as a finished show. The "practise and perfect" stage will come (much) later. This trial presentation gave a fascinating insight in what is going to happen on may 28.

Dance, expression, machinery, juggling and (e)motion in close interaction with the location, that is what the performance will be about.

Come and join us for this interesting and exciting performance. You are welcome each afternoon (14:00 - 18:00), to see how work progresses.

The premiere will be on saterday may 28. It will start at 14:00 and the grand finale will start at 18:00. Between 14:00 and 18:00 the performance will gradually develop. If you come early, you will be able to experience this evolution in real time! Afterwards food and drinks will be served ....

Foto's Hans Jansen


Foto's Gertjan Laurenssen


Foto's Alex den Ouden


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