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project "work in progress" - october 2010

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outdoors - the sculpture garden reconstructed not once ....

In the week previous to the opening of this exhibition, two of the participating artists - Mariska Zevenbergen and Tanya Cnossen - spent many hours in the sculpture garden, creating land art and at the same time reorganising the whole setup. Many site-specific works were prepared ready for the opening of this exhibition on October 3. The theme of this outdoor work was "evolution and machine". Not unexpectedly, spirals abounded - just like in natural evolutionary processes. In combination, of course with various machines already to be found in the sculpture garden. It was a most impressive sight!

(poster designed by Tanya Cnossen)  

.... but twice

This part of the "Work in progress"-exhibition was short-lived. On october 9 we had planned an experimental dance performance (titled "the tempests") in the sculpture garden - in the dark - so everything had to be cleared out.

It's one of Alex's regular hobby-horses, "the art of saying goodbye" (to work that has somehow fulfilled its role). In two days of hard manual labour we not only cleared out most art, but also a vast amount of weeds ....

Then we had enough space for new work. In honour of the coming dance performance, a new theme was chosen, "(strong) winds". Both Mariska and Tanya now constructed much larger work - while keeping the (dancing) floor clear ....

Mariska Zevenbergen (photo Hans Jansen)

Tanya Cnossen (2x)

indoors - a working exhibition .... and hard work it was!

Let us start with a few photos just to show how hard work it was!

vital information

The purpose of these half-yearly "work in progress" exhibitions is to show and discuss the artists' newest work and recent developments in their art. The exhibition is opened with a meeting session aiming to stimulate interesting exchange of views and inspiring interactions between the participants. Therefore every artist who participates is required to be present on the opening day. In a kind of side show, performers may present their newest work. The event is finished with a joint dinner, held at deKunstClub.nl. After dinner there is ample opportunity for further interchange.


Jan Willem Baron - photography
Huub Bogaers - paintings
Heleen Brinkman - interactive paintings
Tanya Cnossen - oil paintings; drawings
Renate Engelen - paintings
Emil Georgiev - drawing studies
Jan der Kinderen - paintings
Hella Martens - photography
Karina Puentes Kepaptsoglu - photography
Gerry Swinkels - painting; sculptures
Marian Iris Vaags - paintings; ceramics
Mariska Zevenbergen - land art; ceramics


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