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three performance days during "make art, not choices"

third day

underworld experiences III

  first day 
  second day 

On sunday january 29, as part of the project "make art, not choices", we devoted a third day to performances in, on and around the voting booths that form the core of this project. The performances took place in the underworld as well as in particular cabinets. Some need full daylight, others darkness. Most of the work was documented in photo and video.

Below we give some examples.

a roadmap of the underworld

When we introduced the concept of the project "make art, not choices" we envisaged two firmly separated layers in the installation. We wrote: "The spaces inside the cabinets each represent the world of the artist that created them. They will totally differ from each other. Still, they are united in one respect. They show the artist's fantasy and inspiration. This we call the "upper world". The space extending below the cabinets, on the other hand, is one vast empty continuum, with only vague motion and undetermined presence. This we call the "underworld". We aim to fill the underworld with its own activity: motion, dance, light, words, sound, music, performance, theatre and show. We feel strongly that this low space is a perfect stage for just that kind of thing."

In this one-hour performance, we constructed an on-site road map for the underworld-area. It shows both the inhabited areas and the dangerous and unsafe areas, as well as the roads between them. Travellers of course use this map on their own risk.

Maps generally are drawn on paper, so we started by unrolling a large sheet of white paper. On this, the map was laid out in glass pieces. Conditions can be quite corrosive and abrasive in the underworld. The glass parts were created by Chris Brussel. In the map you can discern habitations, geographical landmarks and monuments. The central part of the underworld cannot be entered safely. Therefore, this part is undertunneled to connect "Underworld North" and "Underworld South".

 .... first, the long sheet of paper as the basis for the map ....

 .... then the roads are marked out ....

 .... we are entering the undertunneled dangerous central area ....

 .... we emerge unscathed from the tunnel ....

 .... to arrive in "Underworld North" ....

 .... we've started on the topographical details in "Underworld South" ....

 .... a bit further towards the North ....

 .... the centre of "Underworld North" ....

my workshop is my castle

On the first performance day of this project, we had the 10-minute performance titled "confining space". In this, we made a section of the underworld safe and secure by encircling it with two strands of rope wire all around it. See here. One week later, the secure space was occupied by the same artist, under the slogan "my workshop is my castle". It became a one-hour performance. The act of occupation involved the on-site creation of 20 A4 paintings (in light green and purple) and the hanging of these on the rope strands mentioned above. They very much increased the domesticity of the particular area of the underworld.

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