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three performance days during "make art, not choices"

second day

underworld experiences II

  first day 
  third day 

On saturday january 28, as part of the project "make art, not choices", we devoted a second day to performances in, on and around the voting booths that form the core of this project. The performances took place in the underworld as well as in particular cabinets. Some needed full daylight, others darkness. Most of the work was documented in photo and video.

Below we give some examples.

our "Mona Lisa" unveiled

In one of the cabinets, Tanya Cnossen presents her "Mona Lisa". It is a special version with a great questionmark attached - "Kunst of Kunst-off ??". We will leave that question to the specialists, but, showing a work this famous brings some risks. Can we hang this work without the risk of burglary and theft? Our sister-museum in Paris thinks not. So we decided to install an anti-burglary device. This took some time but yesterday it was finished. So today, fitting in our programme of performances, we could officially unveil this interesting work.

For those that did not attend this event, you can have your own private unveiling ceremony by moving your mouse over the photo below. You will see the "Mona Lisa" revealed in all her exhibited glory.

We have to admit that you see the anti-theft device (four very sturdy layers of safety glass) rather better than the work .... but it is safe. Upon close consideration, our version of the "Mona Lisa" shows some special properties .... the safety glass plays tricks with our perception. Or does it?

the art market

This 20-minute performance is centred round the installation "wij politici vinden dat elke kunstenaar zijn eigen broek moet ophouden" (literally, "we politicians think every artist should keep up his own pants", i.e., roughly, "we politicians think artists should take care of themselves" or "artists should (be able to) support themselves"). Now this is not easy, money usually is very scarce. We suggest a good pair of braces in this installation. But even wearing a pair of top-class braces, artists have to be very creative not only in creating art, also in finding ways to generate money.

That is why in this performance, we consider another possibility.

 .... if a good set of braces is not enough to keep those pants up ....

 .... maybe you could try to ....

 .... sell your work (or anything else) directly to the public ....

 .... at reasonable prices!

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