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three performance days during "make art, not choices"

first day

underworld experiences I

  second day 
  third day 

On sunday january 22, as part of the project "make art, not choices", we devoted a day to performances in, on and around the voting booths that form the core of this project. The performances took place in the underworld as well as in particular cabinets. Some needed full daylight, others darkness. Most of the work was documented in photo and video.

Below we give some examples.

Stand-up poet SPIT and his inseparable guitar. He presents his poem titled "onthouden van (remember)" in combination with a work of art by photographer Maya Jansen. A three-layered three-colour print of SPIT on organze. Soap bubbles are used in this video to illustrate the sensitivity, vulnerability and volatility of the emotions SPIT here discusses.

Extract from a 10-minute performance centered on the installation "130" under the slogan "we politicians prefer speed over weed".

Short extract from the same performance, that can be seen as a sort of the making of ....


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