from august 2010 onwards


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 facilities   -  Zeelsterstraat 147  -  5652EE Eindhoven.NL

 email   -  tel. +31-(0)40-252 00 46

free entrance  -  open seven days a week from 10:00 to 20:00  -  for artists and visitors


  exhibition "ceramics here and now" by Tanya Cnossen, Kateryna Naumova, Ioana Alexandra Tămaş and Yma Gonzales 
     announcement and opening 
  solo exhibition "botanical expressions" by Henk van Willigen 
     a sneak preview 
  twin exhibition "cherchez la femme" by Tanya Cnossen and Lena Kostenko 
     flyer A6-size 
     a sneak preview 
     catalogue #1 - oil paintings 
     catalogue #2 - ceramic sculptures 
     catalogue #3 - aquarel paintings 
     catalogue #4 - colour drawings 
  children's art exhibition "back to childhood" - paintings, dolls and a giant dollhouse - by pupils of Tanya Cnossen (paintings) and Viktorya Prisekina (textile dolls) 
     preparation (children constructing the giant doll house) 
     opening event (children playing with real clay) 
     images of the exhibition 
     finissage event (children playing with real clay and engobes) 
  twin exhibition "the new truth" by Tanya Cnossen and Renate Engelen 
  solo exhibition "recent work" by Tanya Cnossen 
     catalogue #1 - ink drawings 
     catalogue #2 - oil paintings 
  exhibition by five artists from in Trinoom Gallery, Eindhoven.NL 

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