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solo exhibition "botanical expressions" by Henk van Willigen


from saturday june 18 till sunday july 10

  a sneak preview 

Saturday june 18 we start our new exhibition, under the title "botanical expressions", showing work by painter / photographer Henk van Willigen (Veldhoven, NL). This autodidactic artist takes his inspiration mainly from themes in nature. He pays special attention to form and composition; his work tends to the abstract. In recent years, Henk's style has developed in a purely personal direction, characterised by carefully chosen colours, well-considered construction and easy accessability. All works are untitled.

Shown are paintings (acrylic on canvas) and photo's. In size most works are modest - nevertheless, they are truly significant. In art it is not only size that counts!

The vernissage is on saturday june 18 from 16.00 till 17.30. A number of poems inspired by the works will be read.

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