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twin exhibition "cherchez la femme" by Tanya Cnossen and Lena Kostenko


on saturday april 23

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Lena Kostenko was born in Kazachstan and Tanya Cnossen in Uzbekistan. Both were educated in Soviet Russia. When they were discussing a suitable opening event for their exhibition, the plan emerged to cook and serve a very traditional meal for the guests.

A good dish of food gives a firm foundation for the love of art (old Russian saying, very practical, just invented now).

After some consideration they decided upon a pilaf, to be exact, on "Самаркандский плов", which translates into "plov in the Samarkand manner", or more generic, "Узбекский плов", i.e. "plov the Oezbekian way".

After all, Tanya was born in Samarkand in Uzbekistan and lived there for many years. We found a nice video showing the process of cooking - without text.

Finding a recipe however proved to be simple. You will find a good one HERE . Naturally it is in Russian - no problem for Lena or Tanya. If you want to prepare this "plov" yourself, we advise using Google Translator on this recipe. It is far from perfect, but the result will be edible (we hope).

As it is traditional food, to be cooked in the traditional manner, the correct preparation is quite complex and strictly described. I expect Tanya and Lena will be adhering to the original recipe and all its strictures, so ensuring that - at about 18:00 on saturday april 23 - you will get a real taste of exquisite Russian cuisine. You are very welcome to join in the feast. And to have a very good look at the art of Lena and Tanya at the same time. The main components of a "plov" are rice (long-grained and transparant), mutton, a mutton bone, mutton (tail) fat or vegetable oil, carrots, onions, garlic, some young peas, hot peppers, barberry, coriander seeds and cumin.

We never do things by halves in deKunstClub.nl. The best "plov" is cooked on a wood fire. Soroush Welayati decided to build a special furnace for this purpose. It is a twin furnace, so needs be, we can use two parallel fires with two separate pans. Even if very many guests will join us in this opening event, there will still be enough to eat ....

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