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twin exhibition "cherchez la femme" by Tanya Cnossen and Lena Kostenko


from saturday april 23 till sunday may 22

  flyer A6-size 
  a sneak preview 
  catalogue #1 - oil paintings 
  catalogue #2 - ceramic sculptures 
  catalogue #3 - aquarel paintings 
  catalogue #4 - colour drawings 

"Cherchez la femme", once these famous words were uttered by many a (private) detective .... "look for the woman" and your case is solved. This attitude doesn't seem to fit modern times. Prejudiced male chauvinist pigs are outmoded.

The two girls who built this refreshingly keen exhibition use the old phrase with a completely different meaning. Tanya Cnossen and Lena Kostenko investigate what moves and motivates women. What makes them tick. How they cope with their hopes, feelings, uncertainties, with their lack of confidence and with their duties and ambitions. With nowadays' moral dilemmas. Modern women live in a complicated society.

They are needle-sharp observers and they have a lot of compassion with their sisters.

Their investigation uses various forms of art, paintings, drawings, sculptures. These are used to express many of the dilemma's of modern womanhood. Their art never is easy or superficial. Their art is multi-layered, as fits such a comprehensive subject.

The results of their work are fascinating. Every single exhibit invites contemplation. Look at the work shown in this exhibition and you will feel how the story gradually unfolds. This is an exhibition that takes time to explore at your ease, to taste, to digest!

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