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solo exhibition "recent work" by Tanya Cnossen


  catalogue #1 - ink drawings 
  catalogue #2 - oil paintings 


  Eve (2010)

One of the artists associated nearly from the beginning with deKunstClub.nl is Tanya Cnossen. She comes from Ryazan (Russia). She studied at the famous Ryazan Art School K. Wagner. She has a pedagogical specialisation. Before she came to Holland, she worked as a Fellow of the Ryazan Children Art gallery, teaching graphics to young children at the Art-Di studio. In those years she has illustrated dozens of Russian books, both for adults and children.

Presently, Tanya runs her own  children's art studio "Raduga"  in Eindhoven. She has over 35 pupils in ages ranging from 4 to 14.

Tanya is a multi-sided artist. Here in deKunstClub.nl she usually concentrates on model oil painting, model sketching, graphics and photography. In recent times her development has virtually taken wing. She loves to experiment, to uncover new vistas. The work shown in these pages all is very recent. Naturally, Tanya's work is firmly rooted in the Russian tradition, but now there is a very noticable influence of the new country she is living in. She presents a strong combination of the best of two worlds.

photo's from this exhibition

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