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time - tension - wood

a heady mixture of unusual design, firelight, music and food / drink

sunday, november 18, from 18:00

"time - tension - wood" by Taylor Gilbert
music by Huub Bogaers (cello, special strings) and Joost Wijnen (guitar, electronics)
light food, soup and drinks
approximate timetable
live music
presentation of Taylor's objects / installations under lamp oil fire torches
the premiere performance of "time tension"
more music and drinks

deKunstClub.nl, Zeelsterstraat 147, 5652EE, Eindhoven


18:00 - 19:00

19:00 - 19:10

19:20 - 21.00

Designer Taylor Gilbert from Canada showcases his recently completed project "time - tension - wood", which was produced at deKunstClub.nl and shown at the Dutch Design Week, october 2012. It is a construction system that waits on and relies on nature. It uses a method from the Indians of North America who bent freshly cut wood for bows by applying gradual tension with a twisted cord and a stick. As the wood dried, it relaxed and gave in to the tension, slowly bending until the desired shape was achieved. After drying, the wood would set in a permanent curve. This technique is used as the basis of a construction system consisting of three basic components. Freshly cut willow poles, brass connection brackets, and ropes with a simple tension mechanism. By waiting on the natural properties of the wood, these simple components can be used to make a wide variety of objects and structures.

A number of typical objects / installations are collected at deKunstClub.nl and they will be lighted by natural (wood) firelight and, in a special short presentation, by petroleum (lamp oil) torches. The evening will be further enhanced with music by Huub Bogaers (cello, special strings) and Joost Wijnen (guitar, electronics). Huub's new composition "time tension", specially written for and based on Taylor Gilbertís project, will be performed during the presentation. The piece features instruments made from willow poles bent by musical strings. The composition reflects the tension and slow bending so essential in Taylor Gilbertís project.

Light food, soup and wine will be served, and fire baskets will be lit, both for light and for warmth. Visitors may bring drinks to share (as always).

Running simultaneously, in the same location, is an exhibition of ceramic art objects created in the art studio / workshop of deKunstClub.nl by four ceramists from Russia, Ukrain, Peru and Romania.

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