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mini DJ-competition

We recently added new (Behringer) audio equipment to our studio, to further enrich our live performances. At the same time, our live recording facilities were improved. The music/sound studio is now extremely flexible and moveable. It also offers and integrates a number of instruments both electronical (piano, keyboard, theremin, various toy instruments) and acoustical (mainly guitars and percussion). We also offer voice recording, both spoken word and song.

One interesting new audio device is a DJ-workstation. This takes its music from a phonograph, a cassette tape recorder and two channels of MP3 music. It has a lot of special features which make it particularly suited for disk jockeying. You can make a lot of very lively noise with it!

To introduce this new plaything, we plan a mini DJ-competition. Entrance is free to anybody .... so come and take part in this event. If you do not want to operate the machine yourself, it still is worth your while to come - to listen to what the competitors are creating! The more audience, we think, the better their performance!

When ....

sunday october 9 from 15:00-18:00, to be followed by a joint meal

What ....

  • listen to the competing DJs
  • if you are so inclined, dance or move to the music they provide
  • any requests, comments and suggestions for the DJs are welcomed
  • to furter heighten the atmosphere - all the RGB (colour) LED-lighting equipment (including the special effects and the beamer projecting videos) are available for anybody who cares to experiment as an LJ (light jockey)

As always, free entrance and catering. Feel free to invite and bring your guests.

Note for (would-be) competitors

  • if you want to prepare, experiment, test beforehand, you are welcome to do so: we are open seven days a week from 10:00 to 22:00
  • a full survey of the properties of the DJ-workstation is available
  • you can bring your own music (in MP3-format) on two USB-sticks (max 32 GB each) or two SD/SD-HC cards (max 32 GB each) or you can use the wide variety of music we have available in the club

Let Alex know as soon as possible if you want to join the competition. He will add your name to a list presented on this page.

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