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double bill try-out: poetry and (salsa-inspired) music

This evening we have a double bill of fully experimental character.

Tom van Popering will try out some recent poems. These are combined with appropriate soundscapes. Do not expect sweet music. Tom's new work is quite raw, it shows serious commitment rather than intellectual distance. First Tom presents the perfected soundtracks (MP3s) of these poems; then he will perform them live. An excellent opportunity to study audience involvement and practical limitations in live performance.

Tom will also tell us about a new self-illustrated set of poems he is at the moment preparing.

Joost Wijnen will then take over the floor. He has recently been composing a lot of new sets inspired by salsa music. This evening he will play them live for the first time for a (hopefully) appreciative audience. The music is performed / improvised on electronic instruments (Korg synthesizer and drum computer).

The music you will hear is strongly inspired by salsa. The characteristic exhilarating Latin rhythms are enriched by influences from modern western music styles like trance, ambient and cooljazz. The result is melodical and full of that special feeling. It should be perfectly suited for salsa dancing.

To investigate the danceability of Joosts new brainchildren in a hands-on fashion (feet-on?), we have invited a few experienced salsa dancers. They will dance and demonstrate. And of course, express their opinions on the music. Furthermore, the audience is heartily invited to join in the dancing, too. Joost is very happy for all comments.

As usual, the proceedings are thoroughly informal!

The combination salsa and electronical music is less usual. It offers an excellent opportunity for exciting experiment. As Joost hopes to show you!

Free entrance and catering.

Joost Wijnen - salsa generator

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