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informal get-together, Iranian food, improvised music and words

These get-togethers are in fact informal artists' meetings. They are held regularly and they generally are quite successful. In this particular case we also inaugurated the new purpose-built large outdoor furnace in the sculpture garden.

The furnace was designed and constructed by Soroush Welayati. It was decided that the first meal to be prepared would be Iranian. It was cooked by Elham Welayati and Soroush himself. They chose a stew of sheep's meat, onions, green beans and carrots plus of course some special ingredients, served with long-grained rice .... and it was wonderful. We had 15 (hungry) eaters - and in the end we still had some food left. If you look at the size of the pans, you will understand why!

During the afternoon and evening, we heard guitar music by Niek Tijsse Klasen and Soroush, and keyboard music by Joost Wijnen and by Elham. Pierre Marechal read a number of his poems.

And of course, there was a lot of informal discussion and exchange of information. A great time was had by all. Below we show some photo's of the event.

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