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informal get-together, improvised music, words and other fun

The finissage of the twin exhibition "the new truth" on january 23, 2011 was staged as an informal artists' get-together. These meetings are organised regularly and they generally are quite successful. The format of such an evening is absolutely free. The idea is to "meet and greet" and to "walk and talk". Usually we start with a (simple) joint dinner. Everybody who wants to join in the meal brings something to eat and/or drink. Everything is shared. This is great fun.

After the meal we ran an ad-hoc programme of short stage performances, mainly music, inspired by the theme of the finishing exhibition "the new truth".

And of course, there was a lot of informal discussion and exchange of information. A great time was had by all. Below we show some photo's of the event.

(photos by Hella Martens)

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