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Lezing 75 jaar Pax Cultura (april 2010)


The Odessa Roerich Peace Pact Committee and the Odessa Roerich House Museum, in cooperation with invite you to remember the 75th year of the Roerich Peace Pact. We will meet to celebrate this occasion

  date April 15, 2010
time doors open 18:30, start at 19:00
Zeelsterstraat 147
5652EE Eindhoven.NL

An illustrated lecture on the Roerich Pact and the Banner of Peace will be given by two representatives of the Odessa Roerich Committee, i.e. Konstantin Gilevych and Katya Lyakhova (in English). Before and after the lecture, Russian piano music played by the brilliant young Ukrainian pianist Serhii Morozov will be reproduced on our digital Yamaha piano. A small ad-hoc selection of rare books in the collection of Alex den Ouden will be on exhibit. At the end of the lecture, a Banner of Peace will officially be presented to Reception afterwards.

The Roerich Peace Pact can be considered the Red Cross of culture ....

The Roerich Peace Pact is the first international treaty for the protection of our world's cultural heritage. It was agreed, accepted and signed as a treaty by 21 American States and all members of the Pan-American Union on April 15, 1935. Many other countries (including the Netherlands) followed.

The first Article of the Roerich Pact reads:

The historic monuments, museums, scientific, artistic, educational and cultural institutions shall be considered as neutral and as such be respected and protected by bellingerents. The same respect and protection shall be due to the personnel of the institutions mentioned above. The same respect and protection shall be accorded to the historic monuments, museums, scientific, artistic, educational and cultural institutions in time of war as in time of peace.
The author and initiator of this international pact is Nicholas Roerich, (October 9, 1874 - December 13, 1947; also known as Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh), a Russian painter, philosopher, scientist, writer, traveler, and public figure. He painted about 7,000 paintings and wrote some 30 literary works. To stimulate worldwide support for the Pact, Roerich also founded an international movement for the defence of culture. He furthermore proposed a distinctive sign that would identify objects to be protected. This is the so-called "Banner of Peace". It is a white cloth bearing a red ring with three red circles inscribed in it. The sign symbolizes a unity of the past, present and future centered in the ring of eternity.

The Odessa Roerich House Museum - Odessa. Ukraine

Opened on March 10, 2000 as a public organization. Its founders are the Odessa Roerich Pact Committee (established 1990) and the Nicholas Roerich South-Ukrainian Fund. The main task of the Museum is to study and promote the cultural heritage of the Roerich family
    Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), artist, writer and public figure
    Helena Roerich (1879-1955), his wife, philosopher, writer and translator
    George Roerich (1902-1963), their eldest son, linguist, orientalist, archaeologist, art critic and historian
    Svyatoslav Roerich (1904-1993), their younger son, artist and scientist
In our work we follow the principles set up by Nicholas Roerich when he created the first Roerich Museum in New York (1923). We seek and offer the widest possible cooperation with all cultural, scientific and public organizations all over the world.

The Museum's collection consists of posters of Nicolas Roerich and Svyatoslav Roerich paintings, original paintings of Boris Smirnov-Rusetsky (disciple of Nicolas Roerich), the works of the famous Russian artist A.V. Fonvizin and his disciple V.L.Yasnopolskaya (the wife of B.A. Smirnov-Rusetsky). Furthermore, the Museum owns many unique books and rare N. Roerich's lifetime editions. Lastly, it also presents a growing collection of contemporary works of prominent Ukrainian and Russian artists.

The Museum's archives contain letters and autographs of Nicolas Roerich, Svyatoslav Roerich, and of two important disciples of Nicolas Roerich (B. Smirnov-Rusetsky and P. Belikov).

A very active schedule of cultural activities is maintained. Lectures, concerts, exhibitions of local and foreign artists, scientific conferences. It has its own publishing house (books, catalogues, proceedings of the conferences). Admission to all events at the Museum is free.

The Odessa Roerich Peace Pact Committee

Several associate members of the Museum staff are living abroad. Currently, four staff members are living in the Netherlands (dr. K. Lyakhova (Veldhoven), drs. K. Gilevych (Veldhoven), dr. K Shundyak (Utrecht) and drs. L. Shundyak (Utrecht). Together, they maintain the Museum's website; they translate and participate in publishing archival material in the Museum; and they collect rare documents and books on the Roerich family.

    Katya Lyakhova & Konstantin Gilevych

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